Use Cases

Augment Business Workflows with AI Insights

Whether your goal is enhancing public services, advancing patient care, or optimizing investment strategies, the need for rapid access to data and AI insights, contextualized for your role, is paramount.


Enhance Decision Making

Empower business teams to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented accuracy and speed — from improving sales and marketing effectiveness to helping government agencies deliver on their missions efficiently

Operational Efficiency

Increase Operational Efficiency

Leverage insights derived from data to improve business and operational team efficiency at scale and reduce overall costs


Become More Customer-Centric

Understand your customers to tailor marketing campaigns to drive engagement, fostering stronger relationships that ultimately increase customer satisfaction and revenue

Drive Innovation and Efficiency Across Industries



More effectively and efficiently deliver on you mission with trusted, actionable AI insights

Financial Services

Financial Services

Streamline processes, reduce risk, and deliver high-performing investment portfolios with faster, relevant insights


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Harness new insights that accelerate R&D innovation and improve patient outcomes

Build AI into Daily Operations to Ensure Business Success


Sales and Marketing

Deliver AI insights directly into CRM dashboards and views to help sales and marketing teams make informed decisions and drive more revenue

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Rely on contextually relevant insights to improve inventory management, mitigate stockouts, and forecast demand more accurately


Contracting and Procurement

Make informed decisions based on purchasing patterns and corporate guidelines — leading to lower cost, risk mitigation, and quicker procurement cycles