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The 10 Hottest AI Startups Of 2023 (So Far)

There has been a seismic boom in the artificial intelligence industry in 2023 as companies of all shapes and sizes are doubling down on AI innovation, which is leading to net-new customer opportunities.

While some AI startups are being acquired, others are generating tens of millions in funding this year from investors and private equity firms that is driving the AI innovation engine to new heights.

The AI drumbeat in 2023 so far has been focused on bringing new revenue and insight to businesses, leveraging AI to find savings on operational costs, and helping to create faster collaboration and go-to-market plans via generative AI. Many of the largest technology companies, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon, have stated that AI is the future of their company, which is why it’s key to know about some of the most innovative startups in the industry.

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Top AI Startups In 2023

Many of the top AI startup companies on CRN’s 10 Hottest AI Startups of 2023 list including household names like OpenAI to startups like People.ai and Concentric AI. Most of the 10 companies on CRN’s list specialize in a certain vertical industry—from low-code AI integration and observability platforms to video cameras and generative AI.

The following companies made CRN’s 10 Hottest AI Startups list of 2023:

* AI Squared

* Arize AI

* CloseFactor

* Concentric AI

* Landing AI

* Observe.AI

* OpenAI

* Ox

* People.ai

* Spot AI

These 10 AI startups have launched out of stealth mode over the past few years, typically generating millions in funding, and are led by top-notch industry veterans hailing from Cisco Systems, Google and Intel. Here’s why you need to know about these 10 AI startups that are making waves in the red-hot artificial intelligence industry.