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Brian Landron

Director of Engineering

Brian Landron is Head of Engineering at AI Squared. He leads the Engineering Organization and manages a team of five engineers. His work includes the launch of AI Squared’s ChatGPT-enabled Community Edition Extension and the development of AI Squared’s SDKs and enterprise platform targeting the last mile of AI integration. Before co-founding AI Squared, Brian worked at Wovenware as the first Senior Data Scientist and led the Innovation Department to secure 7x growth in federal business opportunities. His responsibilities included directing a team of nine data scientists designing, training, validating, deploying, and automating machine learning and deep learning solutions for the intelligence community, healthcare, customer service, and synthetic data generation, including full-stack edge deployments for web browsers, mobile apps, and FPGAs in orbit. He also directed cross-collaboration with data labeling organizations and in full-stack design, implementation, and deployment of AI-enabled web and mobile apps for federal and healthcare projects.  

Brian also spent two years as a Senior Software Engineer at Optivon managing a team of four software engineers designing, developing, and deploying full-stack web and mobile solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and the Puerto Rico Police Department integrating WebRTC, VoIP, SIP, and ISDN. During his tenure, Brian developed AI-enabled voice-to-text and customer churn solutions for telecommunications data. 

Brian has achieved remarkable milestones as an inventor and author of patents for generating synthetic satellite imagery and has presented and authored research at NVIDIA GTC 2020, IEEE HPEC 2013, and SPIE 2012. 

Brian earned a B.S.C.E. in Computing Systems and a M.S.C.E. in Machine Learning/Computing Systems both at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. 

In his spare time, Brian cooks, reads, visits the beach and spends time outdoors with his family. 

 Why AI Squared? 

 “AI Squared offers a unique space for innovation, creativity, and inspiration to raise the bar on the last mile of AI.” – Brian Landron