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Alvin McClerkin

Co-founder and COO

Alvin McClerkin is Co-founder and Head of Operations at AI Squared. His duties include overseeing internal and external business and operational functions. Alvin is an experienced federal government professional. He spent 15 years working as a Quality Assurance Lead, overseeing contractors and federal quality assurance programs with the Department of Energy. A techy by nature, Alvin is an advocate of advancing technology involving Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Currency, Metaverse, and Gaming. He earned a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Science at Mississippi Valley State University. When “unplugged”, Alvin enjoys boxing, bodybuilding, coaching, traveling, cooking, acting/theatre. When Alvin isn’t pursuing his own leisure’s, he is watching his three daughters perform in the areas of athletics and arts.  

Why AI Squared? 

“AI Squared’s every move so far has been groundbreaking, the first, and edgy. I love being apart of that, especially in the artificial intelligence space.” – Alvin McClerkin