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Introduction to ChatUX Playground 

How to Access ChatGPT  

Set Up 

  1. Access the AI Squared Chrome Extension in the Google Chrome Web Store  
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” 
  3. Click “Add Extension” 
  4. Click the Puzzle Piece next to the AI Squared icon 
  5. Click the “tack” next to the AI Squared icon 
  6. Close the web page and navigate to a website of choice 


Sign Up 

  1. Click AI Squared icon 
  2. Click “Sign Up” 
  3. Enter requested information and click “Register”. Note: Only Gmail accounts are permitted.  
  4. Retrieve registration email 


The Emergence of ChatGPT

One of the most impactful AI capabilities of late 2022 and early 2023 has been the ubiquitous ChatGPT, from OpenAI, which allows users to interactively ask questions of a chatbot agent and get responses from the agent in real-time. While OpenAI enables users to interact with ChatGPT via a webapp, AI Squared has made this amazing technology even more accessible by allowing users to test a collection of models that we can run the ChatUX Playground via ChatGPT on any webpage or in any webapp through the AI Squared extension. 

This AI Application makes use of the gpt-3.5-turbo model, with API access provided for free by AI Squared. For more advanced versions of the chatbot, a forthcoming version of the application will allow you to opt to use your own API keys rather than the complementary access provided by AI Squared. 

How to Use ChatGPT 

The AI Squared ChatUX Playground has a collection of models that has endless possibilities for usage. It can be used to summarize long bodies of text, to craft emails, create or write code and generate content. For a guide on how to use ChatUX Playground with AI Squared, check out the video below!  

Quickstart and ChatGPT Tutorial


This section outlines actions to take if problems occur while accessing and using ChatGPT . If problems persists and the suggested troubleshooting actions do not resolve the problem, please comment on this page. An AI Squared team member will respond as soon as possible. 

  • I just installed the Chrome Extension, but nothing happens when I press “play”. 

This is a common issue related to how Chrome extensions work — the first time you install a chrome extension you need to refresh the page you want to use it on. Try refreshing the page you are on and pressing “play” again. 

  • It feels like it takes a long time to get the response back from the chatbot.

The chatbot AI Squared provides access to may have delayed responses for several reasons. 

First, AI Squared is providing access to a chatbot which may be susceptible to disruptions in availability due to surges in demand — put simply, if a lot of people are trying to use the same model at the same time, there will be a bottleneck and response times will increase. 

Second, response times from the chatbot will scale linearly with both the complexity of the requested output (i.e. how many words must be generated by the chatbot in itsresponse to your prompt) and the number of tokens you provided as an input to the chatbot.  


Limitations of the Model 

There are several known limitations to the chatbot being used in ChatUX Playground. For the documentation directly from OpenAI, please see this link. Below is a summary of the documentation: 

  • This model simply predicts which words are statistically more likely to follow a previous word and provides responses to prompts accordingly. This may result in confident or correct-sounding responses, but the responses can be nonsensical or incorrect. For example, if you ask it to generate code to perform some action, the syntax of the code may be perfect, but the code produced by the chatbot may not be functional. 
  • This model has only been trained on data up to 2021. 
  • This model is sensitive to tweaks in the input phrasing, so care should be taken when creating the input prompt for the model. Slight differences in your wording can have pronounced effects on the response of the model. 





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