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AI Squared for Financial Services

Streamline processes, reduce risk, and deliver high performing investment portfolios with faster data insights

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AI has the potential to save North American banks $70 billion by 2025

AI Squared is an AI platform designed for product owners, data scientists, and enterprise leaders. We empower users to accelerate both predictive and generative AI projects, providing measurable benefits and proven ROI. Our platform drives significant revenue growth and cost reduction, demonstrating tangible value in the application of AI.

AI Squared Benefits for Financial Services

Increase prospect to customer conversion rates with instant and in-context experiences

Maximize client retention rate by delivering dynamic content based on immediate user interest

Increase trust in model performance with continuous, real-time feedback loop

Built in governance to ensure model predictions are accurate and reliable

Model performance optimized instantly to achieve total confidence in outputs

How Fortune 500 Financial Services Firms Use AI Squared

Customer Lookup Tool
  • USE CASE — The firm needed a better approach for product recommendations to serve specific clients instantly, and anticipate new business opportunities
  • SOLUTION — AI Squared automated the call to API results and integrated the model results into the financial advisor’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM tool
  • The AI Squared inference engine was used to gather customer identification numbers
  • AI Squared then transformed the JSON response from the API endpoint into a simple UI widget to give the financial advisor the next best action right in their workflow
  • USE CASE — The firm’s internal chatbot was restricted to only one specific response, without additional context
  • SOLUTION — AI Squared executed a model in real-time over conversations which provided results for an entity or keyword that could be used to offer additional insights for the conversational AI model
  • AI Squared augmented chatbot conversations and presented models as related categories. It linked to files/webpages, or topics directly embedded into the chatbot conversation, providing richer responses to questions
Life Event Flagging
  • USE CASE — Customer engagement was a proven challenge for a financial services firm
  • SOLUTION — AI Squared folded actionable insights into the analysts’ workflow, yielding a more efficient approach by integrating predicted next best actions into SalesForce
  • This life event flagging tool provided the firm with the “why” behind next best actions

Your Data and AI Integration Platform

AI Squared serves all organizations across the financial services landscape, delivering instant, trusted, and actionable intelligence from data and AI workloads into your web-based business applications, so you can instantly reap the benefits of these innovations.

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