AI Squared + Databricks

AI Squared for Databricks

Activating your Lakehouse models and data

ai squared joint architecture

Quickly, easily, and reliably connect your Data Intelligence Platform to your business apps

The most innovative organizations can leverage AI models and data to quickly derive business value, while seamlessly experimenting with models within their enterprise workflows at scale.

AI Squared and Databricks empower data teams to move quickly in making data and insights accessible to business users anytime, anywhere — all within their core workflow applications. This results in faster time to value, improved operational efficiencies, and greater agility when experimenting with data and AI in production.

Unlock data and analytics innovation

Accelerate data science use cases

Quickly and easily connect core applications such as CRMs, BI platforms, and more with mission-critical data and AI directly in the Data Intelligence Platform.

Drive cross-team collabortion
Drive cross-team collaboration

Facilitate and streamline user feedback on models and data from within core applications, enabling quick and agile testing and evaluation that boosts overall impact.

Increase adoption of data and AI

Embed data and AI insights into applications, where it can be more readily utilized and acted upon by those who benefit from it the most.

Activate your data and AI with AI Squared today.