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Alvin McClerkin

AI Squared’s Chief of Operations

Streamline AI Integration

Actionable integration of models and analytics is one of the biggest hurdles for many data science projects. AI Squared seamlessly integrates your data products – from advanced analytics to LLMs – directly into any web-based application.

  • Reverse ETL for ML simplifies the integration of data and AI, mitigating the challenges of traditional ETL pipelines, delivering actionable data and feeding models at scale.
  • Remove barriers to decision-making with real-time ML-powered insights directly available from browsers.
  • Eliminate legacy platform integration issues and complex workflows for increased productivity.

Easily Test and Experiment

Once models are built, AI Squared allows you to test them in the same environment they will be deployed in. Use your models exactly how your end users will.

  • Define how ML results are displayed in end-user applications powered by python and JavaScript SDKs .
  • Conduct easy A/B model testing enabled by intuitive user and group management.
  • Optimize and compress models to 1/10th of size using AI Squared open-source libraries, allowing models to run in real-time directly in browser.

Collaborate and Empower

Easily collaborate with your colleagues and share your insights and models to empower individuals throughout the enterprise.

  • Securely store and easily share models, bridging the gap between data science and impactful solutions across business teams
  • Collect feedback from model users to accurately record model performance and identify trends such as model/data drifts.
  • Reduce duplicated work and improve decision making by democratizing ML at scale through the organization.

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