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AI Squared Donates $5,000 to Nonprofit Partnership For Child Health

Minority-Owned Startup Contributes to Support Youth Programming

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., – October 7, 2022

AI Squared, a new AI integration software company, today announced a donation of $5,000 to the  Partnership for Child Health to support anger management, leadership development, and resilience  navigation programming for Jacksonville youth at the Center of Hope at Emmet Reed. The official  donation presentation takes place Monday, Oct. 10, at 10 a.m. at 1095 A Philip Randolph Blvd.

This donation announcement follows the keynote speaking engagement delivered by Benjamin Harvey, Ph.D., CEO, AI Squared at the Youth Empowerment Speaker Series event on Monday, Oct. 3, at the Center of Hope at Emmett Reed. Harvey was invited by the Partnership for Child Health to share his life and career journey growing up on the Northside of Jacksonville in challenging circumstances. Harvey’s inspiring story highlighted his tenacity and included resilience tips he learned as the former chief of operations data science at the National Security Agency and through his current venture, AI Squared, founded in 2019.

The youth in attendance asked very engaging questions, demonstrating remarkable promise. Hence,  Harvey was immediately compelled to sew a seed in the community to be a beacon of hope for future  youth in the STEM field.

“Originally being from Jacksonville, Florida, and understanding the societal, racial, and economic  challenges that young individuals face on a day-to-day, it has always been my dream to make it out of  this environment and one day give back. I’ve been able to fulfil that dream through this donation to the  Partnership For Child Health using my company AI Squared as the vehicle for this amazing gift.”

Funding will support several key initiatives provided by the Partnership for Child Health.

“We’re extremely grateful and excited for the time, talent and treasure Dr. Harvey brought to the youth  and families who attended the kickoff to the Youth Empowerment Speaker Series,” said Vicki Waytowich,  Ed.D., Executive Director, Partnership for Child Health. “At the Center of Hope at Emmett Reed, we will  continue to encourage youth through authentic participation and leadership opportunities as they  develop the topics and identify speakers that are important to them and their community. Overall, the  youth who attended were very responsive to Dr. Harvey’s ‘You can do this!’ message and his heart of  gold.”

As a majority minority-owned firm, AI Squared consists of four founders and a staff of 95% African  American and Hispanic American descent. Three of the founders are Jacksonville natives. AI Squared joins  an emerging class of elite minority-owned tech firms creating professional and economic opportunities.

AI Squared is a low-code AI integration platform with a mission to empower companies to make any  existing applications intelligent by simplifying and accelerating the integration of AI into apps, ultimately  increasing AI adoption. With AI Squared, data scientists can build, optimize and integrate ML models into  business applications easily and efficiently, putting AI-powered insights into the hands of business users in minutes.

About AI Squared

Founded in 2019, AI Squared is a low-code AI integration platform with a mission to empower companies
to make any existing applications intelligent by simplifying and accelerating the integration of AI into apps, ultimately increasing AI adoption. The platform embeds AI into any existing application and integrates intelligent automation, data-driven insights, and guided recommendations to create an intelligent application that can deliver a more personalized interface, improve productivity, and support decisionmaking. For more information visit www.squared.ai.

About PCH

The Partnership for Child Health is a decades-old non-profit organization committed to the development of integrated systems of care that advance the health and well-being of children. The Partnership works through collaborative alliances to transform the medical, mental, behavioral and developmental health systems for children, youth and families connecting them with the resources and services they need to reach their full potential. For more information visit www.partnershipforchildhealth.org.