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The Team

Founder & CEO

Benjamin Harvey, Ph.D.

Dr. Benjamin Harvey is CEO and Founder of AI Squared.  Applying his esteemed academic training and career experiences, Dr. Harvey uncovered a problem while working ...


Michelle Bonat

Michelle is the CTO at AI Squared, responsible for all technology (software engineering, data science, AI Research), IT, and Product Management. Most recently a CTO ...

Chief Technologist

Jacob Renn

Originally from Frederick, Maryland, Jacob serves as Chief Technologist and Head of AI Research at AI Squared. A mathematician at heart, Jacob’s interests largely focus ...


Alvin McClerkin

Alvin McClerkin is Chief Operations Officer at AI Squared. His duties include overseeing internal and external business and operational functions. Alvin is an experienced federal ...

Director of Product

Ian Sotnek

Ian is passionate about using AI to improve human decision making and using biological inspiration to design robust autonomous systems. When offline, he can be ...

Head of Federal

Lloyd Pierre

Lloyd lives in Crofton, Md. with his wife and two sons. He believes in lifelong learning and mentoring the next generation of professionals. In his ...

Director of Engineering

Brian Landron

Brian Landron is Head of Engineering at AI Squared. He leads the Engineering Organization and manages a team of five engineers. His work includes the ...

Director of Solutions Architecture

John Daly

Bitten by the startup bug since college, John spends his free time exploring the breadth and depth of technologies that will comprise the foundations of ...

Hi, We’re AI Squared

Simply put, AI Squared provides the easy way to add AI and ML to your business applications. We do this by solving the last mile of the machine learning lifecycle.

As data scientists ourselves, we know what it’s like to be frustrated by the time and resources required to integrate ML into business workflows. In fact, we’ve often thought about how much easier it would be to drag and drop a model right into your favorite application— so that’s the capability we built. With AI2, you can now visualize your model’s inferences within any web application instantly, without depending on IT.

Not so simply put: through a combination of pruning, quantization, and NAS, we reduce the resources to run neural networks by up to 90% without reducing performance. We simplify the integration of ML by enabling our optimized model format to run directly within the browser through drag-and-drop model integration, minimal code required.

Who We Serve

If you’re a data scientist or engineer, and you’re struggling to integrate machine learning into your company’s web-based business applications due to the complexities of deployment and development, we’re here for you.

What We Offer

Our AI Integration Platform enables data science and engineering teams to say goodbye to the complexities of integrating ML models. Through our low-code integration platform, business teams can access and load any models provided by their data science teams directly into their web-based business applications — and do so without any loss in performance, the need for special hardware or reliance on application developers.

From the creators of BeyondML an open source framework designed to compress neural networks to 1/10th their size, AI Squared brings scalability, collaboration, and high-velocity to internal ML initiatives — improving decision-making and business innovation.

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